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Index of YouTube Videos 

1. The Awakening of Talos, Jason and the Argonauts

2. Moby Dick, Starbuck to Ahab: Blasphemy!

3. Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, Scene 4

4. The Count of Monte Cristo, Trailer

5. Shakespeare in Love, Trailer

6. Beowulf in Old English

7. The Tell-tale heart by Edgar Allan Poe

8. Almost Famous

9. The Golden Compass, Trailer

10. The Scarlet Pimpernel, Trailer

11. Salvador Dali and Walt Disney, "Destino"

12. Symphony of Science, "We are all Connected" 

13. The Macintosh, 1984

14. How English Sounds to Non-English Speakers

15. Why Descartes Said "I Think, therefore I Am"

16. What if Christianity never existed?

17. What if JFK was never assassinated?

18. What if the Americas never existed?

19. Samuel de Champlain - Mini Biography

20. Kwaidan Trailer